Friday, November 11, 2011

Caption Contest

This is the second Caption Contest here. Please submit your caption for the picture below in the comments, thank you! ;)
 The winning caption will be posted Sunday night or Monday morning, enjoy!
GOD bless you,  
~Ahsoka Tano
I'm sorry this was posted late, busy days. That is why it won't be posted as soon.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Winning Caption!

After a bit of thought, I decided on the winning caption. You all had really funny ones I loved and it was really hard! But I had to chose one.

Caption: Clone on the right says: "What is the commander doing up there?" other Clone: "It's probably just a drill"

I have to say I've always loved "It's just a drill" captions. ;) Thank you all for entering, next week I'll have another caption contest!
God bless you,
~Ahsoka Tano

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Captain Contest

This is the first Caption Contest here. Please submit your caption for the picture below in the comments, thank you! ;)

The winning caption will be posted Saturday or Sunday, enjoy!
GOD bless you,
~Ahsoka Tano

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TWO lightsabers?

I have found an interesting, small flaw. Although I'm not sure how many people saw it, or posted it, I thought some of you might enjoy it.

Uh-huh... Either Anakin got tired of losing his lightsaber, we're hallucinating, or the animators missed something.
Caption: "I'm so tired of losing this blasted lightsaber!"
 Knowing that recently stopped doing caption contests, I realize a few people are disappointed. If you want to see Caption Contests, I'll do some here, but only if you want me to.

May you have a blessed day,
~Ahsoka Tano

Friday, October 21, 2011

Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker's Apprentices

Yesterday, I got the Force Unleashed II and saw something very interesting. For those of you who have not played or do not own the game, I will not be giving anything really important away. I was about halfway through the first level when I realized something. I had thought about this before, but it finally took my full attention. In the first Force Unleashed, Galen Marek, or Starkiller as he is better known, had a single lightsaber that he held in a reverse grip. But another of Darth Vader's Apprentices, this one from when he was known as Anakin Skywalker, also carried a lone lightsaber in Shien style; Ahsoka Tano.

Later on, when Ahsoka gains her Shoto, Starkiller's clone seems to have obtained a secondary lightsaber, this one full sized. They both still hold their lightsaber in reverse in a extremely similar stance.

           (I was unable to find the exact picture of Ahsoka, but she can be seen in several episodes taking on Starkiller's stance)
It is interesting that Vader himself does not use their unorthodox technique, but yet both his Apprentices have comparable weaponry and methods in lightsaber wielding.

May you have a blessed day,
~Ahsoka Tano

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Togruta Skeletons?

I recently came across this picture of Ahsoka and a picture of Dar'nala. I found their skeletons, yes I said skeletons, are not the same. Observe.

If you look, there is hollow bone connected to the skull going up into what would be montrals on Dar'nala (below), but none on Ahsoka (above). Although this could be that as the Togruta grows older, their skull expands into these shapes, growing from nothing, it is also possible that The animators did not see this, as they sometimes miss other things, and did not fix it. The picture of Dar'nala can easily be found under Togruta on Wookieepedia, but I cannot give a location for the image of Ahsoka.

Please enjoy,
May you have a blessed day,
~Ahsoka Tano

Friday, October 14, 2011

Episode: Nomad Droids

The episode was very good. As expected by most, Plo Koon came to the rescue of an imprisoned Adi Gallia. Although, Adi did not die in the episode. It was an extremely hilarious episode. As it progressed, I realized it was, at first, Gulliver's Travels related. Then, as R2-D2 and C-3PO traveled to the other planet, Balnab if I am correct which I may not be, it became the Wizard of Oz. When they returned to space, it was obviously Star Wars once again. I enjoyed the end when Commander Wolffe tried to get Plo's attention, but failed and was force to listen to 3PO explain he and R2's adventure.

A little fun

How many noticed that when R2 and 3PO were running away from the battle on the cruiser, Adi went flying through the air behind them? I'm guessing the Animators and Directors had a little fun at Adi's expense.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote was in fact a Plo Koon and Commander Wolffe quote.

"I'm sure Commander Wolffe would like to hear all about it."
"Uh, um, actually, sir..."
Waiting in insanity

Please remember to remain sane while waiting for the next episode. Although sadly, it is two weeks away. I believe with a little patients, we can make it through this "crisis."

Thank you all for reading,
~Ahsoka Tano

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missing Clone?

Yesterday, I noticed something very odd on Clone Wars Adventures; Captain Rex, had been replaced by Commander Stone.
                                                   (Please excuse the bad quality of the photos)
                   But, if you go talk to Adi Gallia, she still tells you to "Go see Captain Rex."

    Even if you go outside of the training room and scroll over the sign, it still says that Rex is inside.

                        I have yet to find Rex, but will post it here when I do. Happy gaming!

~Ahsoka Tano

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Episode: Mercy Mission

Although I know most were disappointed by last Friday's episode, I enjoyed it very much. It shows a lot of what we don't know about the Star Wars Universe. As for Commander Wolffe's attitude, I didn't really like it. He was much kinder in season one, when the Malevolence was still a threat. Not that clones are meant to be nice, after all, they are bred for battle, not kindness. Mercy Mission was a spectacular episode, nonetheless! It is nice to see some compassion, in a different way, on the show. I hope that they will bring in more of this as we continue, but it's not hard to believe they will. With the Togruta slave episodes to come, perhaps Ahsoka will be involved with the Republic's rescue and maybe find a relative. It's of constant concern in my mind of how they will deal with giving Anakin a Padawan, as Ahsoka was not in Episode II, nor Episode III. I assume Dave Filoni and George Lucas will come to a reasonable choice for Ahsoka's future, such as she is not with Anakin during the last days of the Clone Wars. Some suggestions I have heard are also that she dies, falls in love, vanishes, or is simply forgotten. But, I believe that we will find out when the time approaches. Until then, we must wait and trust in the directors and animation designers. In the end, all will turn out.

Favorite Quote

Yes, I did have a favorite quote, of course it's more of a riddle.
"You can run, but cannot walk; you have a mouth, but cannot talk; you have a head, but never weep; you have a bed, but never sleep. Ask yourself, who are you?"

Waiting in Insanity

Remember to remain sane when waiting for episodes, not that I follow this rule myself, but if one tries, one may succeed (Someday). I promise if you really try to find something to occupy yourself with, as I often do with writing, you will be able to stand it. I know I have, even though waiting all summer nearly killed me! For the third time! I am alive and well.

Thanks and good byes

I thank you all for looking and reading. I bid you far well, as I must depart for now. I will, however, return.
~Ahsoka Tano P.S. How much you love something is not shown in how much you own, but in how much your willing to share and love it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Upcoming episode

The next episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Mercy Mission, looks really exciting! I do enjoy humor in the Clone Wars. This is my first post, so I may be a little vague at first. I know that Lux Bonteri will be returning this season, and I am very happy to see him, although I cannot say for sure if I would support a relationship between him and Ahsoka. Anakin seems to be getting himself in a little to much trouble lately, and others are constantly getting him out of it. Oh, Anakin.... Well, I have to say, I was waiting for someone to capture Grievous. I knew it was going to happen at sometime, I just didn't know when. For all those reading, I thank you for just looking at my blog. ~Ahsoka Tano