Saturday, December 1, 2012

On the Bright Side of the Bones?

I'm back to writing a normal Star Wars post. Sorta... I'm relating it to something.

"**" Indicate Bones Spoilers!!

I have yet to see today's episode. I'm going to watch it at dinner.

So, I had this thought today to look on the bright side of things. Like, looking at the Onderon arc. If anything that I really hated happened... it was that Steela (or Steal-A-Boyfriend, as I call her) kissed Lux. But we all know what happened to her in the end. The one thing I've realized I can look on the bright side of, is that Ahsoka did have some deep feelings for Lux. And I have proof, although I won't be posting pictures of everything. Ahsoka clearly seemed happy for Lux when Steela kissed him, but what I've learned is you can be very happy for someone, and yet feel very sad by the same thing. I almost feel like my favorite Clone Wars characters have been thrust into Bones(The TV show)! I don't know how many people WATCH it, but if you're not up to date on the 6th season and you'd rather not have spoilers, you'll wanna skip a few paragraphs, although this IS key to my post. **Bones and Booth apparently had or thought about a relationship before the 6th season (I'm nit quite sure, I haven't seen the 5th season). I know they used to feel like they were on opisate sides and very incompatable, like Lux and Ahsoka. But as the series progresses (Fast forward to end of 5th season), they have grown very close, but are both leaving. Yet, they promise to meet again. (Now at 6th season) When they do, Booth has met another woman (Sounds familar, huh?). Bones insists she's happy for him, while it's clear she's still sad, up until later in the season when the break up (pretend she died) and Booth's devistated.** That's about what happened in TCW, right? I high doubt what happens in the season final will happen in the Clone Wars series, because that would totally freak me out! **(Bones finds out she's pregnant).** Anyway, if it's anything like what's happening in Bones, I'd be very pleased with the outcome. However, this is Star Wars, and their very unpredictable. But I thought the way it's been going is quite interesting. Although things appear dim, there's still a chance for Luxsoka!

From so along ago, when they first met.


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