Friday, January 13, 2012

A Friend In Need (Back!)

Okay, so.... wow, I've been gone awhile. Sorry about that. I will come back more now. So, last night's episode was epic! But now there are some angry Ahsoka fans.... I did like this episode. It's not everyday I can say an episode brought me to tears. Yes, I cried. Everyone cries. I have a couple pictures from the episode, but wow, I'm at a loss of what to really think. I guess I like it, but... I really don't know. I see it as a Romeo and Juliet. And the funniest thing! Ahsoka takes on way too much of her Master's personality. Another Senator-Jedi love story. How many of these now? Here are the pictures.
The question is, are they both enjoying it?
Is it just me, or is that a real look of longing in her eye?

I see this and I think of a final goodbye.

I'll be starting up caption contests again, so be prepared! Ahsoka out.
~Ahsoka Tano


  1. I was surprised by this episode. This is one of my favorite Ahsoka episodes yet. :)


  2. Loved this episode. epecially the Lux/ahsoka moments and the kiss eeep i was definitly freaking out over this episode and i agree like master like padawan hehe

  3. which episode is this?