Saturday, February 25, 2012

Prision Arc and Massacre

Okay, yes, I know I vanished again. I just wanted to wait and give the whole Prision  Arc an overall, but I got... mildly sidetracked. Sorry I didn't write much on the Prision Arc. There just was more to say about Massacre.

Prision Arc

Not bad, I really liked them. Although, they kind of left us on edge. It was pretty good. Really funny, too.
8 of 10.


Okay, I thought that this wasn't going to be too bad. I never actually liked the Nightsisters from the beginning, so I just watched the episodes once and practicly left it at that. But honestly, the "baptism" really made me feel that they were making Christains, like me, bad guys. People might believe that this is the way Christains are if they're not going to church. Now, I set that aside and tried to let it go, but when that chant started, I felt my stomach churn. When I saw those zombie-like creatures, my jaw dropped. Sure they had zombies in season two, but they didn't look much different or have skin hanging off their body. In fact, they weren't actually zombies, just dead bugs controled by worms. But when they started acting like mindless creatures, I felt like leaving the page I was watching the episode on. That only got stronger when Mother Talzin made that voodo doll. I have always opposed witchcraft. The fact that anytime a Nightsister chanted, their eyes rolled back in their head really annoyed me. There are children, like my neice and nephew, that actually watch this show. I refused to let my neice watch the season two zombies because she is afraid of everything. I'm not letting her watch this episode for a few years, maybe not even then. On the bright side, I found myself feeling mildly sorry for Ventress and a few of the Nightsisters. Most of them wouldn't have had a choice, they were born into the Nightsisters and it's probably the only home they've ever known. Grievous actually had a more... Revenge of the Sith style walk. More hunched over and different-sounding footsteps. I also was somewhat happy with the turnout of this episode. It was... okay. Well, that's what I have to say. Maybe 2 or 3 out of  10. I found it hard to get past the howling, almost rabid-looking zombies and evil voodo, not to even go back into the "baptism".
Well, May the Force be with you. Next week's looks better.


  1. Nightsisters, zombies, witches, chants, baptisms....ALL of those have to do with religious thoughts but I am also thinking...Is this the Star Wars George Lucas created? Kinda weird. Good thoughts and good post!

  2. Good post but i disagree in a way the baptism i don't feel was anything against christianity it was an initiantion thats all. at the end of the day its just a show. I didn't love this episode but it was pretty cool and i do agree i loved greivous's walk and i too felt sorry for ventress. thats the thing about starwars there is something for everyone even if we don't like it all. its still starwars anyway love your blog glad to see it back hehe and great post

    1. but i do admire the way you stick up and stand firm in your beliefs and values you should be very proud of yourself girly great post