Sunday, October 14, 2012

Returning with Purpose and Greeting an Internal War

Please forgive the post-less months of pain without Star Wars to fill our emptiness I have created, but my internet has been down for some time, and as I had hoped for it to return, I neglected my poor little blog. ;) Anyway, since it still hasn’t returned, I’m currently only able to post once a week, if that. I’ll try not to be such an annoying blogger to the blog-ee.

Anyway, in the latest of Clone Wars episodes, I found myself pondering the way Anakin’s mind works in giving (“Good”) advice. Since Lux Bonteri’s return, Ahsoka has been startlingly distracted and jealous from his relationship-friendship with Steela Gerrera. When Anakin approached her about losing focus in A War on Two Fronts, she completely denied it. However, he quickly discovers the source by the end of the episode by only two words: “You too”. His obvious suggestion by the later part of Front Runners, after Ahsoka’s irritation and disappointment can be spotted, is for her to entrap, cap and conceal her feelings to regain focus on the situation. Nothing a typical Master would have said. In Season One, when Ahsoka’s attachment to Anakin was over prominent, Aayla Secura basically told her to detach and destroy her sisterly feelings for her Master, along with stating she had to do it when she was young as well. Anakin did neither, in fact confessing that he was actually going through what she felt, even then. Who can forget the startled, accusing and confused face of the young Togruta?


He’s also very paitent and concerned for Ahsoka while she’s in turmoil over her feelings. She’s very confused because she’s never had anything like this happen to her.

Another good angle is what Dave is showing us. Ahsoka has become slightly irrational and bitter towards Steela, whom I may mention got on my nerves in the first episode, easily telling us why the Jedi are against attachment in the first place. It makes them mentally unbalanced and unsure, not to mention the risks they take for the people they love (not always in a boyfriend-girlfriend or husband and wife way). Although I’ve always been pretty… wondrous at why they don’t allow them to be attached, these episodes put it in perspective and helped me understand.

I’ve become well known in my friends and family for my knowledge of Star Wars and unique, adapting personality, but I’m only now beginning to grasp some of the Jedi beliefs and realize why they were so. When I follow the storyline of a Jedi or character that isn’t supposed to do something specific, but does, it’s very interesting to watch how it will play out. And these episodes are perfect for it.

Bunny trail… Ahem… When Steela is picked up by her brother, Saw Gerrera, Lux seems to be slightly disgusted and upset, but he also doesn’t realize their related at that time. While that happens, Ahsoka flashes him a look that says, “Mmmmhmm…” Then, Steela says, “Come here you handsome Senator.”

Considering my long week and early rise, I’ll be leaving you with this thought for the week:

“Why do relationships cloud our judgment so much?”

P.S. My niece, whom I call Barriss is with me! Tell her hi! ;) Barriss: hi i'm barriss.

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  1. Excellent analysis of Ahsoka. I really were The Clone Wars is going with her character, maybe she will have parallel part with her master.