Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet Anoka and The Soft War

Hey guys, I'm back for another weekly post with my friend Anoka (She's still learning Star Wars so be patient with her!). Anyway, I saw the episode yesterday and completely loved it! I got so excited, shaken up and confused, I went into shock and dropped my McDonald's drink all over the floor with a big PLOPDS (Best word to describe it we could come up with). Afterwards, I went to the Britt Nicole concert, but I won't really go into that other than they sold out tickets and a lady gave me her extra and the concert was absolutely SUPERB! (Maybe I'll write a post on it later.)

The episode was very good. I was getting a little aggravated by Steela again when she basically pushed Lux away, but then I almost cried and felt sorry for Lux when Ahsoka said, "Purpose must come before feelings." I think he didn't realize Ahsoka liked him back and he felt he needed to move on.

"Purpose must come before feelings."

I also liked how, in the end, the king told Lux his mother would be proud. It was a sweet sentiment. I LOVED the last thing exchanged between Ahsoka and Lux, though! *Smiles super big with hearts showing up in anime style!!*
"Ahsoka.... I knew you couldn't resist a good fight."
"Am I becoming that predictable?"
"Only to me..."
*Happy/shy smile*

And if you look closly, you can see a Togruta and a Twi'lek holding hands... A Message from Dave Filoni maybe??

A Togruta and a Twi'lek?

Well... you know my opinion...

Anoka: "It was crazy... Nothing I would change about the end, I liked it. When he was flirting with Steela, I thought that wasn't right and it made me feel mad because Ahsoka liked him and he liked her and he was flirting with another GIRL!"
Anoka: "YOU ARE SO STUPID!" Ahsoka: *ROTFL*

You heard it here first! :D



  1. Glad you don't hate the whole Lux/Ashoka thing. :) I too actually kind of like it. It makes the stakes higher for Ashoka with Lux in the middle of everything.


  2. Actually, I'm quite for Luxsoka. :) I've always kind of supported it, but it really clicked in A Friend In Need