Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bunny Trails and everything mashed together!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from the Onderon episodes and Season Five!!!
...To sum up something in a single, excited and horrifying re-accruing word that I want to see next season? Lux. Now, I don't mean that in a bad way at all, hear me through. It may be a little early, or right on time, but I have to see where his story ends. It's the only one, besides Ahsoka's, I'm really anticipating. I don't really like Darth Maul or Ventress as much as I do the other two, not to say I'd rather not hear their stories, because I would, but I'm just not as found of these Dark side duelists. And it's not like I had become immediately attached to Maul and Ventress like I had Lux and Ahsoka.
Lux and Ahsoka were instantly a piece of the Star Wars universe as soon as they were created. Most people don't recognize that. And I'm just not ready to see them collapse under the pressure of war. I want a story that leads them beyond what you already know, into secrets and shadows. And Lux can do that. I know that if he's going to be in an episode, Ahsoka will be too. And now that he'll be joining the Republic, what's to say there won't be more of him? The story of the Padawan and the Senator who discovered so much after one fateful event.
Steela, I honestly felt so terrible about. She had gotten on and off my nerves throughout the arc, flirting and breaking into moments where I would just like to have two of my favorite characters talk. Especially after the advents of A Friend in Need. It felt unfair for those who had waited for a one-on-one discussing between Lux and Ahsoka to happen, to have Steela barge in and throw the two off the track. And when I had actually said to my friend, "I wish she was out of the picture!" And threatened to drive a butter knife through her body if she interrupted another conversation between them (I later used this to my advantage by tricking my friend into believing I had actually drove a knife through the screen of my computer, making her response nearly impossible to watch). When I had said that, I did not mean under any circumstances for Dave Filoni to kill her! I cried when she died, and as a writer myself, I could see her character potential and all that was wasted when she fell off the cliff.
Saw... another interesting character. I actually liked him more than his sister. In the end, I wasn't, and still am not, certain where his path lies. I hope that Dave brings him back again.
 I like Luxsoka, I don't care if you say it's stupid and Ahsoka needs not to fall in love. Think of it this way: Like Master, like Padawan. If Anakin hadn't of fallen in love, there would be no Star Wars. And then where would the Galaxy be without Luke and Leia? Jedi should be entitled to fall in love or have a relationship, choosing on their own weather it should end or endure. If someone told you that you weren't allowed to get married because you are a member of something, what would you do?
I'm not calling other people wrong. If you don't believe in Luxsoka, happen to like Rexsoka or Cadsoka, or still think all Jedi need to follow the code, it's fine. I deal with all four every day. I have a friend who doesn't like Jedi relationships, another who doesn't think Ahsoka should be in love, two who like Rexsoka and one who's always giggling on how cute Cadsoka is. I really don't care how you believe in my favorite Padawan, but I still wonder why people hate her.
If the haters even watch the show, they have to know how much Ahsoka affected the galaxy. Without her, things would be very different in the Original Trilogy, believe you me. Had she never been created, things, I suppose, would have stayed the same. But the explanation would be very different.
They would be different to me. To my friends. To the haters, who would have found another way to hate. To the Fan Fiction authors. To artists. And most of all to the Chosen One. Where would we be without Darth Vader?
Now maybe I've done a bunny trail. I've gone from one thing to another and then another and so forth. In my reality all things in this post are connected in some way, and like a conversation, it switches subjects.
I wasn't even planning on making this into a blog post, I was simply typing out a few words on Facebook. That expanded and I felt I needed to post this where others could see. Just try to learn something from my bunny trail. I'd hate for it to be in vain.
People laugh because I'm different. I laugh because all of them are the same. This post makes me unique.
Leaving you with this thought: Be careful what you wish for, it effects everything.



  1. Good post! And excellent pictures, if I might add!

  2. I like Luxsoka as well. The relationship added needed depth to Ahsoka's character. I usually enjoy it when Jedi bend the code and have attachments. Maybe Ahsoka escapes Order 66 and joins Lux in the Rebel Alliance. Great post.